The Yellow Beam

Paula stood in front of the mirror alone in the darkness of the night, looking at her wooden self. She had heard the story-teller talk about how Romeo saw love in Juliet’s eyes. Paula had always been the Juliet in the puppet show. She had heard about green eyes and blue eyes and brown ones too. But Paula, hers were empty and pitch black- lifeless, colourless, emotionless. Under the yellow beam of light that came from a distance she touched her wooden face with her wooden hands. It was hard and stiff. But Paula had a heart after all; a soft one. A heart that wanted to be the real Juliet, a heart that wanted no strings attached to her body. She wanted to be free. Under that yellow beam of light she cried all night long.

The next day at the puppet show when the puppet master was depicting yet another scene of Romeo and Juliet, Paula knew that had to escape and be free from the strings. As she danced with her wooden Romeo, she pulled hard on her strings and they broke. The audience gasped as they saw Paula get tossed through the air and fall on the little stage with a loud thud. A crack went through her body and her hands and legs broke. The puppet master couldn’t understand what had happened. The children in the audience hugged their mothers and cried watching poor Paula fallen down, broken into pieces. She was in pain, deep pain,under the stage focus light. The music stopped and a distant crying of children was all that surrounded her. But under that yellow beam was Paula,a happy Paula, smiling with pride and freedom.


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